Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney in Portsmouth, NH

If you have been charged with a drug crime, hiring an experienced criminal attorney to defend your case is vital. In the state of New Hampshire, drug related crimes are becoming more and more aggressively investigated and prosecuted. 

Stephen T. Jeffco, P.A. has years of experience representing clients accused of drug crimes and is well-versed in the laws, jargon and court proceedings associated with drug charges. 

Drug Crime Consequences

Charges of trafficking, distributing or possessing illegal substances or drug paraphernalia can result in hefty fines and extended time in jail. Having Stephen T. Jeffco, P.A. on your defense team will greatly improve your case’s chances for a more favorable outcome. He is known for providing aggressive representation with proven results.

Being charged with a drug crime is a serious offense, and if it’s not handled right you could wind up in state prison. With a strong defense on your side, you can avoid serving jail time and explore alternatives such as drug counseling and treatment, probation, or community service requirements. If you are facing drug charges, hiring Stephen T. Jeffco, P.A. is in your best interest. 
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