Dover, NH

Dover, NH, has a long history spanning back to early colonial days. In the 1700’s the city was successful in the shipbuilding industry and flourished in the 19th century as a leading U.S. cotton manufacturer. Through the 20th century, Dover was known for its brick and mill operations. The drive of this community is what has led them to thrive today.

Filled with exceptional schools, parks, recreational service and medical facilities, Dover, NH’s quality of life can’t be matched. Close to airports, harbors, waterways, railroad and highway routes, the city is easily accessible and a great location for importing and exporting goods. Dover continues to grow economically with public and private sectors.
Criminal Defense Dover, NH
Universities, the Dover School system, shopping plazas, fast-food restaurants and other services can be found in the thriving city of Dover. Fine cuisine from American choice to Italian, French, Thai, Chinese and more leave residents and tourists always finding something delicious to eat. You may also see a variety of nightlife events that include local music and entertainment.

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Sometimes, with the nightlife, residents have a little too much fun and decide to get behind the wheel even after a little too much to drink. As soon as they start driving home, they look up and see the flashing lights behind them. When they pull over, roll down their window, the police office may smell the alcohol on their breath right away and ask them to step out of the car. 

Stephen T. Jeffco, P.A. understands that unfortunate things happen to good people. That is why we do all that we can to help you when you are involved in a criminal defense case like a DWI. When you are caught driving while intoxicated, you could face up to a 9 month loss of license. If you are under the age of 21 and convicted, then you could lose you license up to a year if not longer. Subsequent offenders could face up to 3 years loss or more. As a DWI lawyer, we work to keep you on the road. Since New Hampshire does not have a drive-to-work license, it makes our job that much more important. 

If you have been caught driving while impaired and need legal representation or have other criminal defense cases that you need help with, please call Stephen T. Jeffco, P.A.. 
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